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Rental Equipment

We provide clean and sanitary products in a variety of styles to meet any short or long term rental needs. 

Standard Unit

The standard unit includes a toilet, urinal and toilet paper dispenser.  D&S's professional service is to provid sanitation at construction sites, industrial facilities, parks, campgrounds, concerts, sporting events, and anywhere temporary restroom solutions are needed. The standard unit includes a toilet, urinal and toilet paper dispenser.  


D&S’s professional service is provided a minimum of once per week and includes cleaning and sanitizing, recharging with deodorizer, and replenishing toilet paper.


Flushable Unit

D&S Flushable Units are the standard for our special event fleet. Unlike a basic drop toilet, the unique flush system washes waste into the tank and out of sight. The flush system is operated with an easy to use foot pump and our drivers are more than happy to demonstrate this for you. The Flushable Unit includes a flushable toilet with foot pump, sink with foot pump, interior mirror, motion activated light and is stocked with adequate soap, hand towels, and toilet paper for up to 150 uses per unit before service is required.


Hand Wash Stations

D&S Hand Wash Stations are an ideal solution where running water is not available. Sinks are delivered fully stocked with non potable water, soap, and paper towels. Hand Wash Stations are operated by a foot pump and come in a 20 gallon and 43 gallon option.


Handicap Unit

D&S Handicap Units are wheelchair accessible units which help to provide for people with special needs.  With more accommodating dimensions, wheelchair accessible units are a great option when more interior space is desired.

Containment Tray

D&S Containment Trays for portable restrooms help to ensure the prevention of run- off. These trays fit directly under the base of our standard units and help meet local, state and federal run-off regulations.

250 Gallon Holding Tanks

D&S 250 Gallon Holding Tank is an above ground unit designed to fit under most trailers.  Features multiple ports to accommodate various plumbing configurations.  28" minimum clearance from ground to bottom of trailer is required for installation.


Fresh Water Delivery System

D&S Fresh Water Delivery System is a water and waste system that is able to be hooked up to a bathroom in any job trailer year round.  The system includes a 100 gallon fresh water supply tank with pump and all the necessary fittings to deliver the water to the low flush toilet.   All waste is then captured by a 250 gallon secured holding tank located under or next to the trailer.  A bottled water system is installed for the sink with customer supplied water.  It can be used for drinking as well as hand washing.


The system can accommodate up to 15 people per day (40 hr week) with once a week service.  

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